Pinterest is more than just your brand’s catalog. It may be so fun to pin those aesthetically-pleasing photos of Urban Outfitters-inspired bedrooms or those funky branding logos that we wanna cop for our own business logo. Sure it still has to hold that certain aesthetic with how we organize our boards but trust me, it GOES WAY MORE THAN THAT.

When we’re using Pinterest for our business, our audience’s experience is our top priority. The way we present our brand, how we create and organize our boards, and the content we pin on the platform -- are all for the benefit of our audience.

In this blog post, I’ll be helping you craft a strategy on what exactly to pin on Pinterest with our audience in mind. This strategy will help you attract a targeted and engaged audience that you can bring to your site, increase your email list sign-ups quickly, and most of all convert your audience into brand advocates through Pinterest marketing.

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There are 2 steps in pinning with your audience's quality experience in mind:


By pinning other people’s content:

  • You are providing more resources for your audience.

  • You are showing to Pinterest that you are a reliable content creator because you know how to source out other valuable content resources.

  • You are helping other content creators reach more people (#communityovercompetition). They will likely do the same to you + you are widening the opportunities for your audience.

  • You are keeping your account active.


These Pins are what’s going to drive your audience to your blog posts, email opt-ins, Facebook group, and paid offers.

So how do you maximize your content strategy with this one?

Create at least 3 Pins for each content resource you want to pin.

List down the resources you want to pin on Pinterest. If you have blog posts and free downloadables that can be paired to each other, take note of that.


Here are some content resources that are great channels in growing your website traffic, increase email list opt-ins, grow an engaged community, & make more sales:


Pinning your blog post with a freebie gives more value to your Pins, and the more it will motivate your audience to check out your post because of the “gift” waiting there for them there. This also goes to show how important it is to be specific and targeted when creating your freebies for your audience.


What’s your freebie about? Maybe it has checklists or tips inside that you can create a Pin infographic out of? Play with the content you are presenting in your Pins. You don’t have to strictly create Pin graphics with just the (blog/freebie) title alone on it. Provide value to your audience always!


Are you organizing a Facebook group for your audience where you can directly engage with them? Pinterest can help you so much in growing your thriving Facebook group. How? By establishing a solid brand presence on Pinterest + creating Pins that link to your Facebook group.

Pro tip: prepare free resources for people who are joining your group. Remember, when you have built a solid brand advocates on Pinterest + you consistently provide high-value content for them, they are already sold in joining your FB Group. All you gotta do is guide them to your FB group through your Pins. The free resource is just a bonus and your way of thanking them.


Of course, don’t forget to pin your money-making offers! We spend a huge chunk of our time creating these valuable offers and it would such be a disservice to your audience if you don’t showcase it on Pinterest. If you are still a little bit intimidated that they might not click on it because it’s a paid offer, well you can make use of pairing it again with a free resource that is relevant to the offer. It could be a 7-day email course that gives them a taste of how amazing your offer is! ;)

If you reached this far, I believe you have noticed the trend in our strategy and that is: always looking for creative ways in providing quality experience for our audience on Pinterest. This is my simplified method on pinning these days and I trust there are more ways to find out on how we can craft another strategy to bring the best for our audience.

Pinterest is not a complicated platform to learn. You just need the exact strategy with your audience in mind. If you need help with crafting a strategy or you know you can do better with your Pinterest marketing: