My Exact Steps In Marketing My Content Effectively On Pinterest


Now that your Pinterest account is all set up, it is time to see:

"magic happen!"

As a heads up, this goes beyond your monthly unique viewers. Real magic and money in the bank is reflected on what’s happening in our website traffic and growing email list.

So how do we get our audience to our site and list?

By presenting to them our valuable content, of course! Our Pins serve as our bridge connecting us to our audience. By providing quality content, this allows us to convert them into paying clients to loyal fans.

Think about your Pins as an advertisement of what you can offer to your audience - except that it’s for FREE - plus a very long shelf life on the platform. We can pin as many as we want but in this post, I’ll be helping you in how we can do that strategically.


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Think about these as a way to showcase what you can offer to your audience. Now, I know you’ve got countless to show them but I suggest going to your Google Analytics dashboard and check which of these are your best performing website traffic-drivers.

List them down, or pull up a Google Spreadsheet.


Create separate columns for blogs | freebies | paid program | social media posts etc. and organize these content pieces to where they belong.

Yep, I do create Pins for paid programs too! Your services are made with love and I do believe they serve to impact many lives. So please don’t be a disservice to your audience and actually go sell it to them!

After organizing them to their respective columns, you can start pairing them like this:

  • blog posts + freebies;

  • freebies + paid programs;

  • blog post + paid programs

P.S. You can also create separate Pins for blog posts/freebies/paid programs ALONE. However, by pairing them with another piece of content gives them more value which leads to more saves and clicks.

The way you craft the text overlay of their Pin graphics could go like this: the former should be the main ‘headline’ on the graphic and the latter is a bonus at the bottom.

To show you how that would look like, here is the anatomy of a click-worthy Pin design, as sampled from one of Ashley’s (of beautiful Pin graphics for her blog post “Find Your Authentic Brand Voice”. Such a great read, by the way! Be sure to take notes. ;)


The Main Headline: This is the title of the blog post / freebie / paid program you are mainly representing on this Pin. Also, instead of directly using the title, you can come up with different headlines that grab their attention. By adding supporting details, these give them more context clues on what the Pin is about, which encourages them to check and click on it.

Additional Resources: This adds more hype to your Pin because it shows that there is more waiting for them - aside from what is presented in the headline - when they click on it. Introducing paid programs as your ‘additional’ is great to try and see how it performs but I highly suggest to utilize this space more for your free resources because who doesn’t like free stuff?! This is a great way to build your email list, btw.


Let’s use the same blog post and map out how many Pins we can possibly create with this one. PLUS, it is paired with a freebie ‘Brand Blueprint’, which makes it 2 content pieces now.

Let’s see:

Pin #1 - Blog post “Find your authentic brand voice” linking to the blog post page

Pin 1a - Headline #1

Pin #1b - Headline #2

Pin #2 - Freebie “Brand Blueprint” linking to an opt-in page for the freebie

Pin 2a - Headline #1

Pin #2b - Headline #2

Pin #3 - Blog post + Freebie

Pin #3a - Headline #1

Pin #3b- Headline #2

By doing this process, you get 9 different Pin graphics to push out for two different content resources alone. This gives your Pins a higher chance of getting found by your target audience.

Note: the elaborate process of creating different headlines for each content / content pairing allows us to test out which performs well, and overall how your audience engage with your different headlines and as well as  Pin designs.


Always make sure to have your brand home board where you pin all of your resources first, before distributing them to your different boards and group boards! This is a huge plus for great user-experience because it provides your audience a convenient access to your different resources.

For the next few weeks, consistently pin these on your own boards and group boards that you joined in to increase their reach. Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature also comes very handy in pushing out your content in a consistent manner for a few clicks while saving you so much time for other tasks in your biz. Go check it out here.

Do you already have a Pinterest strategy for this month?