These are a few of the questions I always get:

How long does it take for me to set up my Pinterest for business?”

“How long do I start seeing results?”

“How many Pins should I pin?”

“Should I also pin other people’s content?”

And most of all - “Why am I still not getting clicks?”

Rest assured that you are not alone; and I got your back on these! ;)

Before we get pesky and start overthinking the traffic we are getting to our site — on the very second month of our Pinterest marketing journey * wink wink * — let me ask you if you have dedicated some time in this area of setting up your Pinterest account for business:


Yes, and it is just as important as your carefully and beautifully-designed Pins!

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I spend a generous amount of time in keyword research and applying them across the Pinterest account I am building.

Why? Because it is the very foundation of our Pinterest marketing journey; and it’s worth remembering that this chosen platform of yours is a search and discovery engine. Let that sink in. No matter how many you pin, how on point and trending the boards you created, and how eye-catchingly gorgeous your Pins are… your time and effort would all go down the drain if they are not getting found on Pinterest.

You get discovered by the keywords you build up across your Pinterest profile.

It is vital that we take time in building up our keyword-rich profile starting from our display name, bio description, board title, board description, and down to our Pin description; because this is where Pinterest pulls up all details that gives them an idea what your Pinterest business account is all about, what kind of content you provide, and to what niche you belong.

By having these details at hand, it allows Pinterest to distribute your content to the Smart Feed and search results page of those targeted Pinners who are actively looking for your content.

And you wanna be there to provide the answers for them.

When building your Pinterest profile is given much thought, Pinterest will always recognize your efforts and in turn, will even help you boost your content. It only takes you time and effort to build your account and trust me, it’s gonna be so worth it.

Here are a few things you can benefit from studiously doing your keyword research (aside from being found on the platform) : Aside from having your Pinterest profile and Pins found on the platform, this is what you can benefit from doing keyword research today:

It gives you a glimpse how your audience are interacting with the type of content you are sharing; like how they search for certain topics. Talk about learning the language of your audience!

By having an idea how extensive the topics you are searching for or how big your niche is, this allows you to create a more targeted-type of content according to what your audience demands. This adds value to the content you are delivering to them.

Here is how you can start doing keyword research today:

  • Start listing down all of the major keywords revolving around your business or the topic at hand (you could be doing KW research for a Pin by this time).

    For example, when I was revamping my Pinterest profile from a social media management biz to as a Pinterest Strategist, I listed down the words that directly associate with me being a Pinterest Strategist and especially those type of keywords my audience are using in searching for my content. So that could be: Pinterest marketing, Pinterest tips, Pinterest strategy, Pinterest for business

  • Type these down on the search bar and notice the colorful tiles on top of the Pins. They assist you in building your long-tailed keywords (and that’s what we are aiming for: the long-tailed ones). String each word tile with the keywords you have in the search bar and start listing them all down. Example: pinterest marketing strategies, pinterest marketing tips, pinterest marketing make money

Pinterest keyword research.PNG

By the way, you can make it longer until there are no tiles left for Pinterest to suggest. It is recommended to go for long-tailed keywords because it helps you get more specific (which eliminates competition with other pins) and the more specific you get, the easier for your audience to find you.

So from previous photo (see above), I typed in pinterest marketing > clicked strategies . From there, we can connect more words with “pinterest marketing strategies” by clicking any of those tiles below. So potentially, you can come up with: “pinterest marketing strategies small business”, “pinterest marketing strategies entrepreneur” or “pinterest marketing strategies social media”.

keyword research sample.PNG 2.PNG
  • List down all of your short- and long-tailed keywords in a Google Spreadsheet as your keyword bank. This comes very useful as you start optimizing your display name, bio, board titles, board and pin description across your Pinterest profile. Yes, that’s how you get found. Every inch of your profile should be optimized and pointing to the keywords you want your brand to be associated with.

  • Lastly, don’t wait for forever! Start applying them on your profile now.

    However, in my case that I cannot put anything with ‘Pinterest’ on my display name, I can insert “Content Marketing Ideas” instead which is basically what I do as a Pinterest Strategist.

    I can also add a board named “Pinterest Marketing Strategies” with a descriptive board description sprinkled with long-tailed keywords. To craft your board / Pin description: create 2-3 descriptive sentences (using the keywords from your keyword bank) pertaining what the board/Pin is all about. Sprinkle in 3-5 long-tailed keywords and 2-3 hashtags.

    See pictures below:

board description sample.PNG 2.PNG
Pin description.PNG

With the right keywords across your entire Pinterest profile and a monthly strategy at hand, I can guarantee you that you will start seeing results in the next few months.

Give it at least 3 months to gain a significant traction that you can interpret and create a strategy from. :)

I hope this helped emphasized the importance of keywords in Pinterest and if there’s anything you feel the need to ask about keyword optimization or if you don’t know what to do after performing keyword research , I offer a free 45-minute consultation call right here: