Imagine your pins appearing on the topmost of the Smart Feed and search results of your ideal clients but they are not getting close-ups. How much more clicks, right?

You may have the most strategic keywords for your pins but if you are not creating attractive, beautifully-designed pins that catch your audience's attention... then how are you going to drive them to your website?

Don't let your time and effort on Pinterest go down the drain by not investing on your pin designs. It's not for the aesthetic. It is for the clicks.

Let's start with these pointers:

  • Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that is effective in getting people inspired to do what they love.

  • People come to Pinterest to experience a unique and positive experience. You want to be associated with things (or pins, for this matter) where people generally feel inspired and happy with their experience.

  • Just like the platform's mission, your goal is to provide visual personalized ideas for your audience; who are actively considering what to do or buy next. Inspire them to organize their ideas (pins) through boards; or better yet, encourage them to click on it and visit your site.

If you are busy doing #allthethings in your business right now - I get it, girl - you need to outsource this task!

What you get:

Beautifully-designed, high-quality, click-worthy vertical pin graphics for your content. My advice is to create at least three (3) pin designs for each content piece (blog post / paid program / freebie) you want to promote on Pinterest.


Elreyna’s eye for detail and design caught my attention from an Instagram story she did about some Pinterest templates she designed. I was looking for something fresh for my own insta feed and I knew El would deliver the goods and she did right from the colours and what I wanted to achieve.
— Belinda Milne, @belindaleemilne