This is perfect for you, who already has a Pinterest business account and has been pinning their content on the platform. You are starting to get results but you know deep within there is more in store for you on Pinterest.

You love being on Pinterest and you are enthusiastic enough to continue managing your own account, but you just got to make sure if you are using Pinterest to its fullest capabilities.

Pinterest has delivered a unique and positive experience for its users. That is why you and your ideal clients keep coming back to the platform; but have you, guys, virtually met each other on Pinterest? By that, I meant, have your ideal clients found your amazing content on Pinterest?

Pinterest is truly a great platform to get inspiring ideas from, and also to promote our own content. However, it is not enough to just be pinning on your Pinterest business account and not have an actionable strategy in place. In this Pinterest audit package, I initially study your entire accoun, your current Pinterest efforts, and how it reflects in your analytics. Within 2 weeks time, you will receive a comprehensive report about my findings; where you can improve and how you can do it. This includes:

  • A detailed Pinterest audit report in a .pdf file -- heavily based from your Pinterest analytics report with actionable strategies for you to implement + loads of content ideas for your next blog post/podcast episode/social media post.

  • A recorded video guiding you how to navigate through Pinterest and Tailwind analytics. How to interpret data and what to check most.

  • (1) 1 hour of Zoom video call and screen sharing where we go over your Pinterest audit material and you can pick my brain here all about the strategy you have in hand.

We are all about #empowering each other to learn more in running our own business, and Pinterest is a marketing tool you should not sleep on.

Investment is at $250

The biggest benefit has been soaking up all your Pinterest knowledge!
— Amy Crumpton, Social Media Manager Coach
I am aware of how strong of a platform Pinterest is but I was clueless about how to actually leverage its features for my business. If you want to dive into Pinterest, don’t even try to learn it on your own. Hire Elreyna and she’ll take care of everything while educating you on it in a level that a business owner needs to know! And the results will be phenomenal!
— Jennica Collado, Energy Mentor + Client Attraction Expert