Using Pinterest for your business is the perfect way to showcase your valuable content, awesome products and services to 200 million monthly Pinterest users; who are actively searching for ideas on the platform.

Think about an engaged group of people ready to purchase your product or service. Do you know that 40% of Pinterest users belong to a household income of $100k? You betcha these users aren’t your ordinary ‘just-scrolling-on-the-platform-to-kill-time’. Uh-uh. These are users that has a strong spending power and are eager to get ideas from businesses - like yours - to figure out what to do and buy next. They are here for inspiration and ideas.

And you want to be the one who hands it over to them.

With the recent notion of positivity, there is a shift in today’s marketing. People are more mindful with the time they are spending with the people they love and surrounding themselves with products that make them feel GOOD. We have got to start thinking about the quality of how we show up to our audience; and we want to be associated with positive experience when they happen to encounter our brand.

Nobody ever said, ‘Ugh, I have been so unproductive. I am just on Pinterest all the time!'.


You and I both know that when we are on Pinterest, we feel motivated and inspired by the ideas we picked up there. And that’s how we can leverage this to your business.

We should not be sleeping on on this incredible platform because it’s like a free ad for your content and offerings. Unlike most social media where you only get 24 hours on the feed, Pinterest has a shelf-life of at least 6 months. With the right optimization of keywords, your content can be up there longer!

Every idea is represented by a vertical image graphic called ‘Pin’ that is searchable and saved by Pinterest users (pinners) to their curated Pinterest boards. These Pins lead back to a website/landing page of your offering; that is why this platform should be a part of your marketing funnel this 2019. It prides itself for countless of success stories of being the lead website traffic driver to many businesses; both product- and service-based.

Other benefits you can reap from this platform:

  • Increase brand visibility

  • Grow your email list

  • Make more sales

And do you know what I personally love most about this platform? It is direct to the point in presenting our value to our audience. A no-fussy way of showcasing to them what we can offer and help them lead better lives.

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